Mom Life / February 4, 2018

Theodore’s First Birthday Party

Alternate title: Why you and your child should befriend the residents at the local nursing home.

My mom works at one of the local nursing homes, so Theodore and I have been visiting since he was about 6 weeks old.  We try to pop in every week, although right now we’re taking a break with all the yucky flu germs floating around the world.  The residents absolutely love having visitors, especially when they’re cute and little like Theodore.  When people started asking me what the plans were for his first birthday, I knew that I wanted to involve the residents.

My original plan was to show up one day with donuts and sherbet punch.  Somehow things morphed into A First Fiesta; complete with mini pinatas, luchador ornaments, a sombrero, and pizza rolls.  There definitely were still donuts though.  When I was planning the menu, I wanted to make sure to include the favorites of the residents, which helps explain the menu.

Everyone loved getting to celebrate Theodore’s day.  I think they could have watched him play in his smash cake the entire time.  When I busted out his Radio Flyer Wagon Walker so that he could walk up and down the halls and greet everyone, the smiles all got bigger.

For some reason, people seem to forget their loved ones when they get placed in a nursing home.  I know that the place is kind of depressing, but trust me.  They love when people show up to visit.  And it doesn’t have to be a big to-do.  Just sit with them and let them show you off to all their friends.  And enemies.

Fingers crossed that the flu yuckiness disappears in time for Theodore to personally deliver all of his Valentine’s.

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