Christmas, Fails, Holidays / January 11, 2018

Pinterest Painting Fail-Christmas Addition

Does anyone else struggle with trying to put together Christmas gifts for grandparents?  You know it’s more than likely that they don’t need anything, so you decide that your small child will make them something.  From the heart.  There’s nothing a grandparent loves more than being able to brag up on their grandbabies.

First we, with the emphasis on me, attempted this Pinterest painting idea. I got one hand print in before I realized that it was a a total bust.  Next up, was this painting inspirationThis was what happened. 


Clearly we had to take a bath and rethink these stellar gift ideas.

that tush…

After thinking it through, I decided that it might be better if we attempted one color at a time, with drying in between.

I’ll let you know how it works out.  And if it doesn’t please send me ideas for grandparent gifts, ASAP.  Just in case.

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