Lifestyle, Mimosa Moment / January 11, 2018

Mimosa Moment

As you’re reading this, we are somewhere on a journey between Osawatomie, Kansas and Eldora.  We had to attend a visitation for my aunt Friday night, and are now heading home so that we can finish preparing for our trip to Cuba and celebrate Christmas!

I used to work at the local vet’s office, which doubles as a boarding facility.  One of the things I always hated was when people would pick their dogs up from boarding, only to drop them off the next day.  Like come on, spend the extra $20; you know you need to be doing laundry, ordering takeout that can double as breakfast, and repacking.  Well now I’m one of those people I hate.  I’m picking the dogs up tomorrow (Christmas Eve!) so that they can spend the holiday with us, and then taking them back the 26.  I am grateful that my dogs love the place so much, and that the staff take such good care of them.

My best friend sent me this link a while back, and I probably watch it once a week and giggle.  My mom has made me promise that I’ll get back into dating next year (at some point we can discuss why I decided to take an extra long break), and I am just trying to think of reasons to keep pushing it back.

Why Aren’t Fashion ‘Disrupters’ Serving Plus-Size Customers?: Isn’t it crazy how us fat people want to buy clothes?  We are so demanding.  I personally have zero need to be a customer of a company that has no desire to cater to me.  But for real, if you want to shake up the market, shake it the fuck up.

Parisian-Inspired Baby Shower.  It’s winter.  It’s cold.  Your friends are getting busy.  Sometimes this leads to making babies.  Better get some ideas now, just in case.  Also, I’m currently loving balloon displays.  I feel like with the right effort, you really don’t need any other decorations.  There’s something so whimsical about them.  Check out Badass Balloon Co on Instagram and fall in love.

I’m making this Eggnog Cheesecakefor Christmas Eve dinner.  Eggnog on it’s own is gross.  Eggnog flavored things are delicious.  Since we leave on the 27 to head to Cuba, I’m trying to keep the menu small so that we can finish all the leftovers.

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