Lifestyle, Mimosa Moment / January 13, 2018

Mimosa Moment

y’all, I agreed to one of the hardest things ever this week.  To not step foot into Target until after Easter.  There is a deal that I can order diapers and wipes from the website, but that’s it.  So in order to prepare, Theodore and I went to two Targets in one day.  And homeboy 100% stole my Berry Scone from Starbucks straight out of my bag.  And managed to eat it all.  ugh.

Truth be told, I know that I need a Target break.  With 2018 goals that include getting back to my pre-pregnancy pants size AND to revamp my wardrobe into something that fits the life on a 30 y/o mom, I need to step away from all the clothes that Target has on the racks.  WhoWhatWear and Joy Lab have me feeling all sorts of things.

So please, send good “you don’t need to go to Target” vibes my way.  And help me be creative with reasons to leave the house.  Our weekly trips were my reason to actually shower, get dressed, and put makeup on, so now I have no clue what I’ll be doing.

Here are some things that are making me smile this week:

A quick reminder of how to nail public speaking.  From Oprah.  If you can’t have the mansion in Hawaii, you can at least nail your next wedding speech.

Navy Bench, Gray Bench, White 4-Cube Organizer, Wicker Ottoman

Theodore showed me that he can climb the dresser that we keep in the living room.  So now I’m looking for the perfect storage that wouldn’t let people know at first glance that a small human has taken over the house.  I’ve only bought this boy two toys in his life, can someone please tell me how everything is overflowing?

The Frustration of Dating Without Drinking.  I’ve recently all but quit drinking.  I’ll occasionally throw some Rum Chata into my Dirty Chai, or have a mimosa, but hangovers as a parent are a total bitch.  And not drinking makes things awkward with a lot of people.  Even my mom struggles with the fact I’m not drinking.  Although she does like having me be able to drive her.

I love tales about women from back in the day running shit.  It’s amazing the things that women have been able to accomplish even when the world can’t stand them.  This recap of the life of Marguerite Alibert, and how she went from sex worker to princess to murderer found not guilty? So good.  PS sex workers don’t get near enough as much credit as they should.

If you don’t follow the artist Ashley Longshore on Instagram, you totally should.  She’s currently doing a show with Bergdorf’s, and there’s a selfie contest.  If you win, she paints your portrait based on your selfie.  Since the only way I’ll be able to own one of her pieces is if I win it, I’m totally entering.  And if you’re looking for a trophy wife/family who wants to decorate the house with eclectic art, I’m your girl.

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