Lifestyle / October 11, 2017

Another Attempt at Blogging



Hello there!

I’m Meredith. You might know me from my past blogs, Twitter, or Instagram. Maybe you don’t know me from any of those places, and are just bored and clicking through all of the internet because you ran out of Netflix. No matter how you found me, welcome!

Who am I exactly? I’m a 30 y/o single mama to a boy (Theodore), and a goldendoodle (Scotti). I’m currently living with my mom in my hometown in Central Iowa, due to some personal financial and health issues. I moved back to Iowa from New Orleans in November 2016. Winter is the WORST time to move back to Iowa, but here I am.  I love food, fun clothes, adventures, reading, laying out, and working out. I’m also a birth mom, a former Girl Scout, and a college dropout.

Why am I here? First off, I absolutely love blogging. I think it’s fun. I love reading blogs too. 

My doctor said I needed an outlet to help me through my postpartum depression. I think she meant therapy, but whatever. This way I can always have a reason to carve out some “me time” simply so I can tell my internet friends about it.

That’s right, I called you my friend. Embrace it. Sometimes it comes with bracelets.

What the eff am I going to talk about that hasn’t already been brought to the internet? Heck if I know.  I’m going to pop in a few times a week to tell you what’s up, what’s inspiring me, and whatever pops into my pretty brain.  And maybe put some effort into my appearance so I can showcase how my accomplishments.  


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