Christmas, Real Life Ramblings / January 11, 2018

How to do Christmas, according to an almost 1 year old

We did it.  We survived Theodore’s Christmas, and I managed to not buy him any gifts.  The holidays with this guy have been so much fun.  The decorations, the singing, the fuzzy hats.  He’s been all about it.  We spent Christmas Eve watching videos on Youtube of people getting puppies for Christmas.  T squealed with excitement the whole time, I wondered how so many people realized that it was a good idea to film the gifting.

Here is how we did Christmas Day

  1. Let mama sleep until 8am.  And only wake up once in the middle of the night.  A true miracle.
  2. Put on your Christmas outfit.  Theodore got his shirt from his dad when he came to visit.  It’s a 2T, so you’ll totally be seeing it again next year.
  3. Eat a healthy breakfast.
  4. Remember that Holiday calories don’t count, and demand a piece of Apple Upside Down Cake with HoneySeriously, make this cake.  It was so freaking good. 
  5. Watch Lolli open her stocking.  Take in all the cuddles and credit for excellent purchasing decisions.
  6. Watch InstaStories to see other kids open their gifts and figure out this paper thing.
  7. Make mom open all of your gifts anyways, you have a hand broom and dust pan to play with.
  8. Realize that you and Lolli forget to go get your present for Mama.  Come up with a plan for Mother’s Day.
  9. Watch your Mama rescue all your new soft toys from Scotti.  Remind her that his gift is hidden on top of the fridge. 
  10. Take a nap, you’ve earned it.
  11. Dictate your Thank You notes to Mama as she writes.  Hope that everyone knows you’re the witty one.
  12. FaceTime your dad.  Show off your (unused) toilet brush that you found in a Target sack.

Our Christmas is now slowing down.  Elf is playing on the TV, Theodore is crawling all over Scotti, and I am trying to cross as many items off of my pre-Cuba to do list as possible.

We hope that you had the most magical of days.  I know that the holidays can be especially hard for some people.  Often people are alone, and it’s not always by choice.  But I hope that there was something about the day that made you smile, even if it’s just the thought of a little boy eating a grownup sized piece of cake.


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