Real Life Ramblings / November 7, 2017

Hopping Back on My Bullshit

1o days ago, inspired by Kim Kardashian West,  I started the process of going platinum blonde*.  I’m doing a few appointments, vs sitting in a chair for 10+ hours and bleaching the eff out of my hair.  Because I don’t feel like doing that much damage to my locks.  And single moms don’t get 10+ hours to themselves.  If they do, they’re sleeping.

Now, I don’t know what happened, maybe it was all the fumes, but a switch flipped in my brain.  Now I’m back to doing yoga videos every day, throwing back green smoothies and chia pudding parfaits like a boss, having masking marathons, and sorting through my clothes to find things to donate.  I was even craving a run this weekend, but it was cold, and I refuse to be outside in the cold.  Who knew that going blonde could be such a game changer?

*Pro tip: going platinum is an expensive and time consuming process.  Check your calendar for the next 6 months to a year.  It would totally suck if you put all this money and time into getting Ice Queen hair, only to have your best friend force you to dye it back so you can perform your maid of honor duties.  My mom is hopefully getting married next year (more on that later) and I totally checked with her to make sure that she would be fine with me having blonde locks in family photos.

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