Lifestyle, Pinterest / January 11, 2018

Happiness from a Pin Board: V1

Last week was an emotional roller coaster.  I’ve been working with my doctor to wean myself off of Zoloft.  I went on the medication right after Theodore was born, postpartum depression is not a thing to try and tough out, and started working on getting off of it in October.  My reasons for wanting off were somewhat cosmetic.  When I’m on Zoloft, I’m a bottomless pit and constantly eating.  I haven’t been able to lose any of my pregnancy weight, which was making me even for insecure and depressed, and was really just a vicious circle.

Last Monday I took my last pill, and the meds have slowly been leaving my system.  Of course someone was also teething last week, so in addition to not having the normal amount of meds in my body, I was also exhausted.  So I cried.  A lot.  In the house, at the post office, in the shoe section at Target.  So many tears, so many stares from strangers.  Not fun, but emotions are a part of life.  Usually when I’m super emotional I like to go for a long walk.  I blast my headphones and cry and think and just generally feel better.  But when it’s cold and you have a mini plus one, a long walk isn’t an option.

So I scrolled through my Pinterest and found things that made me smile.


Little Black Dress: I have a list of things I always look for when I go to Goodwill.  Michael Jordan jerseys for Theodore, Overalls for everybody, and the perfect oversized denim jacket.

She’s stuck: Thank goodness it’s the time of resolutions and new beginnings, right?

Fishing Onesies: These are the most adorable things ever.  I’m considering adding them to my arsenal of go-to baby gifts.  They also have a romper that I am dying to get Theodore for the spring.

Pink chairs: When things get super stressful; I like to imagine myself laying out, with a platter of fresh fruit, a pitcher of something delicious, topless with Carla Bruni playing over my iHome.  And this place looks like a wonderful place to do all that.

Hanging flowers: fresh flowers are my jam right now.  Maybe because I can’t really get them in central Iowa? I think something like this could be a lovely center piece if you’re throwing a party somewhere with lower ceilings.  You have table space for the food and everyone has something to Instagram.

Grit: I’m considering printing this off and putting it on my mirror, just so I can see it every single day.


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