Halloween, Holidays / October 27, 2017

Going Teal for Halloween

I’ve never been a giant fan of Halloween.  We celebrated on occasion when I was little (I wish I had photos of when I dressed up as Esther!), but most of the time my parents just bought my brothers and I each a bag of candy and let us watch Halloweentown on my dad’s big screen.  Fast forward to college.  While it was fun to dress a little sluttier than usual, and by that I mean I didn’t wear pants, it was always super cold and just not for me.

Now that I’m momming it, I’m a little bit more excited.  No lie, I have a whole list of what Theodore is going to be for the next few years.  A few weeks ago I saw a friend’s Facebook post, where she touched on her kids food allergies and the Teal Pumpkin Project.  I’ve always been super respectful of people’s food allergies.  Why we live in a world where some people think their $3 peanut butter sandwich is more important than someone’s life, I don’t know, and to be honest, I strongly dislike those people.  So this year, we are passing out food allergy free treats.


                                                         Halloween Rubber Ducks

According to Amazon, they glow in the dark, which I cannot yet confirm.  I can tell you that they don’t necessarily float right way up.  Whatever.  It’s going to get all the kids who stop by our house into baths that night.  You’re welcome, fellow moms.  The ducks are small, about an inch and a half big, so I think they’d be great to use to decorate a cupcake.

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