Christmas, Holidays / November 30, 2017

Errands and Santa, oh my

y’all, Theodore and I kicked off Monday in the busiest way.  I stupidly made his pediatrician appointment for for 9:20am.  Which is way too early when you usually cuddle in bed until 9:00, and the doctor is an hour away.  But Theodore now has all the shots he needs for our trip to Cuba, and all the pumpkin pie he ate during Thanksgiving helped him regain all of the weight he lost in the hospital, plus a pound.  My Bear Prince is now at 20.5 pounds, and I love every roll.

Yes, my phone is being held together by duct tape. I just got the iPhone X in the mail, but I refuse to set it up until my new Otterbox is delivered.

After the miserable round of shots, we went to Des Moines.  I had to get interviewed for TSA Precheck (it takes about 7 minutes total, in case you’re wondering), and we absolutely had to go see Santa.  Was visiting Santa on the same day getting shots a really horrible idea? Yes.  Don’t do it.

Of course, Theodore, who is all about attention and cuddles from strangers flipped out and sobbed the entire time.  Part of me blames myself.  He had been all about his pirate doll that day, and I should have just let him hold the doll for the photos.  Learning moment for sure.

The best part of the whole thing? There’s a photo where I’m pretty sure Santa is rolling his eyes.  #dead  I won’t post any of the photos that have Theodore screaming his head off.  There’s something so bothersome to me about the photos of miserable, possibly terrified children.

I know Theodore is barefoot.  His socks didn’t match, and keeping shoes on this kid is all but impossible.  He had a blanket in his stroller, I promise.

And how cute is his sweater? His grandma Bunny found it in a box of his dad’s childhood clothes and I can’t believe how cute he looked in it.

Speaking of dads, Theodore’s in visiting this weekend, so I am off to clean.

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