Food, Lifestyle, Travel / January 11, 2018

cuban eats

Let’s face it.  Any time someone goes on a trip, the thing we all want to ask is “how was the food?”.  Food is always a fairly safe conversation topic, assuming you aren’t with any militant vegans, and brings a kind of comfort that is hard to describe.

Cuban food can be a hit or miss.  Cubans don’t like spicy (if you go, pack your own hot sauce), and if you’re spending time with people in their homes vs at a restaurant or resort, what you eat depends on what they have for rations or were able to pick up on the black market.

Most plates are built up around rice, black beans, sliced cucumbers and tomato, and a bit of protein.  When we were at the resort, I always had an entire plate of papaya, pineapple, and mango before anything else.  When you have access to delicious, fresh, tropical fruits, you have to eat them.  Especially if you live in Iowa and have no access to them on the regular.


Malt beverage (I saw one menu that served it with sweetened condensed milk), all the rum you can imagine.  I for one tried to avoid drinking.  I’m not really a beer girl, and the list of not so wise things* I’ve done because of rum is high. For the first time ever, there was Diet Pepsi!  I had three and it was glorious.

And here is Theodore looking super cute with 2 roasted pigs on New Years Eve.

*Things include 1)losing my virginity, 2)getting an ass tattoo and 3)getting pregnant with Theodore.

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