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Baby Gift Ideas for When You Go Off Registry

y’all, I’m going to be straight up with you.  Making a baby registry as a first time parent it super hard.  Especially if you don’t have any friends or family with recent additions who can guide you.  You are picking things that are going to be keeping your child safe and comfortable for the first year, and trying to keep things at a price point that you know your loved ones can afford.  No lie: I had no idea that convertible car seats didn’t have corresponding strollers.  I’m still trying to figure out how I’ll be safely carting Theodore around on trips once he’s sized out of his infant car seat.  Do we rely on public transportation? Am I going to have to rent a car every time we fly somewhere? If you can guide me on this, please do.

A lot of people want to go off registry for gifts.  Which is fine, but if you’re going to go off registry; start off with considering cash, gift cards, and diapers (in sizes beyond newborn/one) for gifts.  I promise you, your friend is already drowning in 0-3 onesies and swaddles, so don’t go there.  Here are some of my ideas if you’re thinking of going off registry, and don’t want your friend to totally lie in their Thank You note.


Starting from the top left:

Raising a Feminist t-shirt: This one is clearly for the parents, but hey, they are about to be 100% in charge of a human, so they deserve something.  If there is an outfit you just have to get for the baby, do the math and get it in a bigger size.  Theodore has a cousin coming in January, and I bought her this tshirt in a 2T.

Leather Gathre Mat: That kid needs somewhere to play, the parents need a good instagram background.  I’m getting ready to bite the bullet and purchase one of these of my own.  It seems so much easier to clean (I’ll be bundling mine up and shaking it off into the yard) then an old bedsheet or whatever.

Cuddle and Kind stuffed doll: Handmade in Peru and oh-so-adorable.  The only reason Theodore doesn’t currently have one is because I can’t make up my mind.  So much of me wishes they had a MerBoy.

Personalized LL Bean Boat and Tote Bag:  This is my go-to gift.  If you know the baby’s name, you can use that, or their monogram.  Parents keeping everyone in the dark? Go with the last name.  I buy the Medium, Long Handled, with the Zipper.  Feel free to fill yours up with diapers or baby toiletries before delivering.

Books.  Surely you have a favorite book or two from when you were little.  Buy them, write a heartfelt note on the inside cover, make the mama to be cry.

Binxy Cart Hammock:  This is the one thing I really wanted and didn’t get.  Car seats take up so much space in a cart, the upper basket really isn’t safe for them, and it is impossible to shop while holding a squirming baby.

Other Ideas

Dog walking: Prepay a local dog walker, or buy your buddy’s furry bestie a Rover Gift Card. If you live close, and can keep yourself from wanting to socialize with the new family, offer to walk the doggo yourself.  The parents and pooch will all be super grateful.

Food Delivery:  Postmates, uberEats, GrubHub, whoever.  Everyone needs to eat.

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