Real Life Ramblings / December 8, 2017

another week gone by

I know that it’s only December 8, but it feels like the month has flown by.  So much so, that I have been thinking that it was next week the whole time.  I had pretty much given up on getting my holiday presents in the mail in time to arrive to my people by  Christmas.  Maybe my family is right and I am going a little crazy.  oh well

This is what I’ve been up to:

  • Theodore’s dad came to see him.  Cleaning the house, finding a good baby daddy gift, making sure the tree was set up.  All of that had to be done before he arrived.  Once he got here, the weekend was filled with visiting and carbs.  Theodore got the cutest walker wagon from his Honey and Bunny, along with a pile of clothes and a handful of toys.  I made these pumpkin cheesecake bars.  omg. So good, I swear I ate most of the pan on my own.  I probably should have snapped a picture, but I was living in the moment.

    If you look at it from this angle, all you *should* want to do is rip it down. ugh
  • I love Rum Chata.  For Mardi Gras, I love making Rum Chata pudding shots and passing them out to strangers.  And I love having a small bottle in my purse for solo shopping to pour into my Starbucks.  Now they have them in creamer sized containers, which means I won’t be getting death glares from the baristas and other people in line.  I think they’d be super cute if you filled a travel mug with them and a Starbucks card.  Feel free to use that if you need a last minute gift idea for your kids teachers or a bestie.
  • We are finally getting started on Christmas gifts.  I have a few crafts I have to force Theodore to help with for the grandparents, and I need to sort all the things to make sure that I have something for everyone, but I’m positive that I’m 85% done.
  • Theodore’s and my room is thisclose to being clean.  There’s been 3 bags of trash and 1 bag of items destined for Goodwill, and things are feeling good.  Having things cleaned up (and not strewn all over the floor) gives me a better idea of the space and what I want to do to it.  Plus, finally unpacking from all of our trips helped me find 2 shirts that I’ve been looking for.  And a handful of onesies that Theodore has outgrown.
  • Next week’s To Do list already has me dizzy.  Getting all the gifts wrapped up to mail, and prepping for our trip to Cuba will definitely keep me busy.



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