Real Life Ramblings / November 20, 2017

another round of exhausted rambling

You know those weeks that exhaust you so much that you’re 97% sure that you’ve never actually been truly exhausted?  When you start to get a little drunk off the lack of sleep? That was my week last week.  I am so tired, I forgot that it was November.  My brother texted me about his plans to visit for Thanksgiving, and I was all “why the eff do you think I care about this right now?”.  Because he’ll be in Eldora this week, Meredith.  Duh.

Why am I so freaking tired?  Theodore got the stomach flu.  Two straight days of vomiting, naps, inconsolable screaming, and 7 loads of laundry.  Followed with 2 days in the hospital.  I’ve been living on Diet Coke and fast food sandwiches, trying to stay sane.  At the hospital, we were in an isolation  room, so we weren’t allowed to leave the room, in case we might touch something.  Being trapped in a 15×7 room was maddening in it’s own way.

My to-do list is shot.  I need a gallon of green smoothie, a hour of exfoliating, a 32 hour nap, a round of yoga, and a pizza.  But mainly what I need is for Theodore to get back to 100%.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m loving all the extra cuddles.  But I definitely miss the constant crawling around, emptying out the toy drawer, hogging the bed, and pull all the books off the shelves.

This week I’ll be getting ready for Thanksgiving and my brother’s visit, and for next weekend, when Theodore’s dad comes to visit.  There’s still a chance that Theodore could have to go back to the hospital (we’ll find out in the next 48 hours).  I packed an overnight bag and bag of snacks already, hoping that it will jinx the whole thing!  Because that works, right?


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