Real Life Ramblings / January 28, 2018

a life update/where have we been for the past 2 weeks?

I know.  I know.  Thank god for Instagram, because without it, y’all would have been missing Theodore and I something fierce.  Don’t fret, I’m here to fill you in on what’s been up while we were away.


Theodore turned one! Holy moly.  But on top of turning one, my little Bear Prince got sick.  He had been grouchy for a few days, and refusing to eat, and then he entered this weird cycle of having a fever of 102 one hour, and then it would drop back down to a regular number the next.  This went on for 3 days.  Part of me hoped that he would hit 103 just so we had to go to the doctor, but no dice.  I was running around the house in a Real Feel of -28 without a shirt on, cuddling Theodore, hoping that I could just pull his fever into my body.

After 5 days of zero interest in food (he did eat a nibble of his smash cake) we went to the pediatrician for his yearly shots.  She ordered some stool sample lab tests, and oh boy.  First off, to create a sterile sample area, you have to wrap your baby’s butt in plastic wrap, making sure that no pee can get in.  The plastic wrap holds in farts like no other.  And after your kid finally poops….it’s a mess.  It turns out, he somehow picked up E.Coli Virus.

Luckily he’s back to eating, and seems to have fully bounced back, but I’m in full paranoid mama mode.  Theodore is currently taking a break from being out in the public (especially with all the nasty flu bugs flying around), and I’m trying real hard to keep from covering everything in bleach.


I’ve been trying to slowly add in good habits.  Specifically, exercise.  Ugh, gross, no thank you.  I downloaded the Fit and Thick app and paid for a whole year’s subscription at once.  Then I immediately ordered a barbell and workout bench from Amazon.  If I’m going to do something, I like to pay for it all at once, so that I guilt myself out of any excuses.  I just did week one and omg, walking has been really hard.  Picking up Theodore and going upstairs, really really hard.  That means it’s working though, right?

Next up? We’re adding in a Whole 30 round next Monday.  I had a really successful round a few years back.  Every time I’ve reattempted though, I fall off the wagon and don’t even try to get back on.  I’ve been recipe hunting so I can make sure the month is filled with delicious things, so my fingers are crossed.  I think having already started on cutting out soda, I only had 3 last week!, is definitely going to help.

I was finally able to cross Clean Bedroom off my list.  It felt so good! 3 bags of goods for Goodwill, 2 for the trash.  Done-zo.  Well, almost.  I have a few more boxes I have to go through, but I’m counting it as done.


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