Real Life Ramblings / November 14, 2017

30 Hours in the Big City

This past weekend, I went to Des Moines with my mom and Theodore.  My mom needed a night away (and to use her Lane Bryant RealWoman Dollars), and I never miss out on a chance to get out of Eldora and walk around the mall.  Sadly, Santa wasn’t there yet, but all the decorations were up, and Theodore was digging it.  My Christmas mood is here, and Theodore is a large reason why.

My shopping plan is pretty simple.  I like to do a lap of the mall, peek at all the stores I like, and get an idea of what I want to buy.  That way when it’s time to get down to business, I have a solid idea of what I’m getting.  And it’s never a bad idea to start a list of gift ideas for everybody else.  But when I got to the actual buying part, I realized I didn’t have my debit card.  After waiting 45 minutes in line at Old Navy and getting rung up.  Not a fun discovery, but it happens.  Where’s my debit card? I have no clue.  Oh well.

I did manage to have the best burnt ends that I’ve had in a very long time at Jethro’s ‘n Jakes Smokehouse Steaks. Good barbecue makes everything better.  Even shopping disappointments.

Sunday, I got to go to mecca.  Target.  Whatever you want to call it.  Of course as soon as we pulled up,Theodore was a snoozing, so my mom hung out with him in the van while I did some damage.  I finally checked out the Hearth & Hand collection.  y’all, there’s so much I want.  I’m really digging the dollhouse.  All kids need dollhouses, right?

Anyways, Target was perfect.  Until some mean girls called me fat.  To my face.  Like, wtf? I’m a firm believer that commenting on other peoples appearance is a display of the character of the commenter, and not the person who’s being commented on.  Usually the display is that the commenter is an asshole, but that’s an obvious.  Here’s the thing that people don’t get, some of us watch a lot of inappropriate TV.  And speak before we think.  SO I really hope that those girls have a solid imagination, and my response of “your dad doesn’t mind when I sit on his face” burned an image into their brains that will never disappear.

We also helped my mom look at ceiling fans and lights. She’s been looking for A YEAR, and has yet to find any she liked.


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