Real Life Ramblings / January 12, 2018

2018 Goals & Resolutions

It’s January, so everyone is still focused on their goals for 2018.  While I believe that it’s always a good time for a fresh start, there’s something about a new year and knowing everyone else is trying to start fresh as well.

My overall goal for 2018 is to start putting myself first again.  Self-care of any form fell to the way side once Theodore was born, and the effects have left me fairly depressed.  I think that if you treat yourself well that everyone benefits, and so really, I’m putting myself first for the people.  But mainly for my sanity.

What I’m Working on in 2018:

  • I will give up soda by my 31st birthday.  I did about 4 days without in Cuba, and haven’t had any for three days now. I’ve been chugging green tea, La Croix, and water, trying to convince myself it’s all as good as Diet Dr Pepper.  it’s not
  • start working out again.  I’ve subscribed to the Fit & Thick app, but I have it on pause until my barbell arrives and Theodore’s birthday celebrations are all wrapped up.  I’m considering signing up for a 10k, just so I have to kick my butt into gear a little more.
  • Have one Meredith date a month.  I always see people who are in some sort of a relationship talk about how they need more date nights.  Well, I’m not dating, and don’t plan to for awhile, but I think I still need one afternoon/evening to myself.  A glass of wine and something delicious.  Maybe a picnic with a book and Scotti.
  • have my wardrobe match my age.  last weekend, I saw my reflection in the mirror.  Tulane sweatshirt, leggings, old fake uggs, and a messy bun.  No where near 30 Flirty and Thriving.  I’m also trying to recognize my actual lifestyle when I shop. 97% of my time is spent at home with Theodore.  So why am I buying work appropriate sweaters and date night dresses?
  • read more.  I check out 20 books for Theodore a week.  I also check out 1 for myself, but I never get that far.  I’ve renewed/checked out Present over Perfect 5x since October.  I will finish it within the next week.
  • Make an effort to go phone free.  I know I can’t cut it out for good, although it feels good to have a few days where the only things it’s good for are music and picture taking, but I can slow down my usage.  I’m just going to be putting it away from 10:00am-4:00pm.  Everyone that I talk to is busy working anyways.
  • Reach out to the people I love.  Not just text messages, but phone calls and snail mail, too.  And flowers.  People should be sent flowers long before they are dead.
  • Count to 10 before responding.  In any form.
  • Take more trips! I really want to do a few days where it’s just Theodore and I.  I’m thinking the Omaha Zoo in the spring? New Orleans, Annapolis, and Charleston are also on the list.
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