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2017 In Review

Y’all we did it. We got through 2017. I don’t know about you, but for me, 2017 was an exhausting whirlwind of love, frustration, and complete bliss. Let’s go over things, month by month, shall we?


I was in so much pain the beginning of the month.  Sure, I was still miserable that I was back in Iowa (might still be), and super stressed about Theodore’s upcoming arrival.  Little did I know that Theodore was going to make his entrance in a big way, 3 weeks early due to severe preeclampsia.  There was only a 30% chance that I was going to leave the hospital alive, so I’m pretty proud of my skills.


No lie, I remember absolutely nothing from this month.  I was hanging on for dear life.  I did have to start giving Theodore formula, which was super hard.  I know everyone has their own opinions about breastfeeding (and fyi, the only ones that matter are the ones of the mother breastfeeding), but it was extremely hard to hear that my body wasn’t able to do one of the things that I was always taught that it was created to do.


Weddings are cool, but king cake is better #lasatterdaynight

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Our first trip back to Louisiana.  Theodore and I went down for about 10 days for the wedding of his Aunt Katie.  I ate King Cake and drank mimosas.  He cuddled with his great grandma and made everyone swoon.


Guess who turns 6/42 this week? #scottifurever #goldendoodle

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The weather started to perk up, which meant that Scotti and I were able to get our butts outside and go on walks.  It was glorious.  Oh, and I decided to give dating a try.


I turned 30! I cried about turning 30.  I promise, this was not a #thirtyflirtyandthriving year for me.  But there’s still time to wrap it up with a bang.


Another trip to Louisiana.  I spent some time in New Orleans for my best friends birthday, and even got to sleep alone in a bed for an entire night, for the only two nights since Theodore was born.  And Theodore got to meet his baby brother!


I decided to take a break from dating.  Getting told multiple times that “you’re such a great girl, but you’re just not for me” makes you start wondering if you really are that great.  And then when the guy posts a picture with a size 4 girl who appears that she can walk in heels without falling? Your esteem gets messed with.  I’m still working on building mine back up.


Taking pictures for a baby’s passport is really freaking hard.  But we did it.  I’ve been mentally planning and researching International trips ever since.


#mereandbearadventures #skylertoo

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Don't mind us, we're just out here living our best lives. #mereandbearadventures

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Speaking of trips, we did three states in three weeks.  So exhausting, but so much fun.  I finally emptied out my storage unit in New Orleans, and cried the whole time.  A 1000+ mile roadtrip went just about as well as you can imagine.


Bye Nashville. Thanks for all the fun. #mereandbearadventures

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More adventures! All of the Garrisons met up in Nashville for a much needed family vacation.  I loved it so much that a friend and I are trying to plan a girls trip there for next year.  Do we think I can survive a long weekend without Theodore?


The most exhausting of months.  A stomach bug turned into three days in the hospital, right before Thanksgiving.  I can survive on 4 hours of sleep in 1 week, but I cannot muster up the strength to create a Thanksgiving dinner the next week.


@walther_like_the_gun came to kick off Christmas time with Theodore!

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Exercise your right to be basic

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Do you know what makes Christmas especially great? Watching little eyes be enamored with every shiny ornament, set of blinking lights, and happy reindeer.  And fyi, childproof Christmas ornaments can still fit in a mouth and be eaten.

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